Set up a non-obligatory and free consultation with John Chia, a professional financial advisor.

This free one-on-one meeting is designed to give you an idea of the potential bright future you can achieve. We can also discuss your current financial plans, and I can answer your finance-related questions.

We can discuss your specific needs and establish a comfort level, which every relationship starts with.

In our first meeting, we can discuss anything from my areas of expertise, which are:

  Retirement planning – How prepared are you for retirement? Make sure your golden years are taken care of and managed properly, so you won’t have to worry about it.


  Investment planning – Get help managing and growing your money, according to your specific wishes and goals. I can help you prepare and maintain a proper investment plan.


  Education planning -The most important gift you can give to your children is a good education. I can help you reach that goal via the many options available.


   Risk management – This aims to minimize financial and other losses potentially associated to you assets, business, and health. I can help you identify them and protect you from the sources of risk.


   Estate planning – This isn’t just for the rich, but for everyone who wants to have control over their hard-earned assets. This determines to who you will bequeath your assets and how.


   Corporate risk management/Employee benefits – This is vital to protect every aspect of your business. Get coverage on every inch of your business, especially your most important asset: your employees.


“Today’s decisions are tomorrow’s realities.”

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