Life insurance in your 20s

Life insurance in your 20s

If you’re in your 20s, you may think that you’re invincible, but you’re not. You want to be insured in case of a catastrophic accident, like a fatal car accident (God forbid!). Life insurance also has other benefits, too, as it may act as a good investment and can act as a cash reserve. Consult your financial advisor on which type of life insurance is best for your lifestyle.

Health insurance in your 20s

Health insurance in your 20s

When you are in your 20s, you are in the pink of health! You may be in the best shape of your life but since you’re young and reckless, you have higher chances of getting into accidents — and accidents happen every day. And the truth is, a trip to the emergency room is so steep, it may cause a hole in your savings (if you have one). With health insurance, you can practically live your life, knowing you have a “safety net” to fall on anytime.

Retirement planning in your 20s

Retirement planning in your 20s

When you’re young, wild, free and in your 20s, retirement seems to be light years away. Your most immediate concern are bills that are due today, not even tomorrow. But one thing you have on your side is TIME. If you start saving as early as now, your money will have time to grow. The small amounts you start paying today will grow into much larger amounts 30 or 40 years from now. If you start saving now, you may retire rich!

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